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Yield farming: Is it too late to start in 2022?

Yield farming is a crypto-specific activity that came with the invention of DeFi, or decentralized finance. DeFi is a new area in crypto and the popular yield-generating platforms are still in their infancy.  In crypto yield farming, you need provide your token to a liquidity pool that powers a decentralized exchange, a marketplace or a blockchain-based app. Your token can be used in a number of activities, as simple as lending and trading but possibly also much more complex. In exchange for locking up your token into the pool, you earn a small fee (the yield).  Why did yield farming pay such high yields in the past?  In the past yield farming used to pay much higher yields. It was very profitable, but drove a lot of imitators who dumped a large number of tokens into the pools and eventually raised the fees so high that it made less sense for new yield farmers to try it out, creating a downwards spiral. In 2022, yields are much lower. There are several reasons for this, but the main re
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Volume Trading Basics

This article is a prologue to volume trading. We will discuss volume, the distinction between volume trading versus pattern trading and take a gander at a few instruments to execute volume examination into your crypto trading techniques. WHAT IS VOLUME TRADING Volume trading is a trading method that takes volume (measure of exchanges) into account when trading. It is critical to understand that not all individuals who trade a cryptographic money are people. There are organizations, national banks and institutional financial backers, for example, multifaceted investments, enormous mining pools and trades themselves. Accordingly, the assessment of volume exchanged a given period may be one-sided by a couple of huge total assets brokers or countless little merchants, or in a perfect world, by a juncture of the larger part perspectives from both groups.That is the truth of all monetary examination, however - except if you have insider data. IS VOLUME TRADING A GOOD FIT FOR YOUR TRADING STY

Pattern trading

There is usually a pattern of trading in "slow" markets such as the stock market, and many crypto traders also use formation trading. Again, it's usually a "slow" large crypto market. Pattern trading is closely related to getting advice from someone else because you don't know what the retailer is doing and often lose. Specifically, vague patterns such as "head and shoulders" are often referred to this way. But the responsibility lies not with the market patterns themselves, but with the way they are used. Why do traders lose their trading patterns? The market repeats the pattern on a regular basis. There is a real market phase that is basically based. For example, in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin can be halved, affecting the market. The other is a typical market participant. Traders trade their favorite markets, and people with similar focus and ideas go to the same market and trade markets with almost the same ideas, so they develop regular patterns.

Terra: What is it and how to get free tokens

Terra is currently one of the most promising and trendy crypto projects. As the value of Bitcoin and other volatile cryptocurrencies continues to fluctuate significantly, some investors are now on the tide of Terra to diversify their portfolios. What is the Terra ecosystem Terra Money is a DeFi FinTech payment network that enables programmable payments and financial development using fixed coins using fiat currency (supported by Luna cryptocurrency). Under the supervision of Terraform Labs, the TerraCrypto project has been very popular in the last few years. Through the Terra team, key investors such as LightSpeed ​​Venture Partners, Arrington Capital and Pantera have agreed to commit $ 150 million to expand various projects related to promising cryptocurrencies. Terra Labs and its partners have developed applications that run on corporate blockchain technology to permanently record corporate crypto finance transactions. The official wallet can be downloaded from https://www.terra.mon